Ertel Brown Stout, Philadelphia






Circa 1850-1855 Deep Green Pontiled Squat - ERTEL BROWN STOUT, Philadelphia

There are a few different Ertel squats and all of them are very tough to find, scarce. This is the Brown Stout variant. I've only see a couple in the last 40 years. The top is an applied double taper. Iron pontil is in a deep kickup.

Embossed: P. ERTEL / P. E. (script letters) // BROWN / STOUT

Height:  7 1/8"  
Color: deep emerald green

Condition: near mint - perfect structurally with no chips or cracks. The collar is intact. The bottle is very clean and hardly any wear except the edges of the base have some unusual wear that looks like someone might have polished out some roughness, but unsure, and no harm. A bubble on the back has a slight ding to it.

Reference Number:  GW390

Price: $285