Pontiled Black Glass Dyottville Cylinder







Circa 1850 Dyottville Whiskey Cylinder - Philadelphia

This is the blackest example of a Dyottville cylinder that I've seen, and check out the awesome pontil with full residue! This is a very early 2-part mold example. It has that smooth heavy glass feel of black glass, starlit with thousands of little bubbles. The top is a hand applied and tooled double taper.


Height:  11 7/8" 

Color: deep olive black glass

Condition: Near mint - clearly an attic find with that pontil, this has very little wear and is clean. Only 2 very minor issues mentioned for accuracy. There is a 1/8" very old flake off the heel, and a 1/8" nip off the collar - both of which need to be felt for to locate. Cool bottle.

Reference Number:  DY10

Price: $84





For color comparison purposes, this bottle is #2 from left to right in the photo below.