JSP Blue Variant












Circa 1880 JSP Malt Extract Tonic - Uncommon Blue Variant

This medicinal type extract was advertised as a circa 1880 "Nutritive Tonic" by Joseph S. Pederson (JSP) and sold by Tarrant & Co. New York. It has a hand tooled double taper top. The usual color is teal green, and this unusual color variant came from a collector who focused on rare color runs.

This is the bottle on the far left in the group pictures below, which are provided to show how this color compares to other color variants. The normal more common color is on the far right.

Embossed:  J S P (monogram)

Height:  9 1/8" 
deep peacock type blue

Condition: gem mint, great mold impression, clean, hardly any wear, and perfect structurally. Mentioned for total accuracy, there is a discoloration patch in the top that is from a patch of bubbles and manufacturing, not a bruise (see pic).

Reference Number:  DC38

Price: $110





The bottle for sale here is on the far left in the group pictures below.