P. DUROSS - Philadelphia







Circa 1855 P. DUROSS - Philadelphia Slug Plate Squat

This is a crude and hefty squat soda with a rectangular slug plate and bold embossing. The bottom is smooth-based but a bit misshaped and was probably a hinge mold. Applied double taper top.

Embossed: P. DUROSS / 181 CATHN ST / PHILA

Height: 7 3/4" 
Color: deep blue green

Condition: perfect structurally with no chips, dings, potstones or cracks. It has never been tumble cleaned so it has spotty dirt, haze and a bit of light swirl etch wear. If desired, a polish cleaning would bring this up quick, but great patina and character as is.

Reference Number:  DC30

Price: $70