Royal Pepsin Stomach Bitters, St. Louis








Royal Pepsin Stomach Bitters, L & A. Scharff, St. Louis

This is a splendid attic mint example of this bitters. It has the original wrap label on one side and bold embossing on the other. It also has the original cork lined stopper. A very ornate and heavy bottle. The top is a hand worked double collar, oversized. Circa 1885-1890.

Embossed: (picture of lion and unicorn around horseshoe wreath) / ROYAL PEPSIN / STOMACH BITTERS / L & A. SCHARFF / SOLE AGENTS / ST. LOUIS, U. S. & CANADA

Height:  9 3/4" 

Color: deep root beer amber

Condition: attic mint - perfect structurally with no chips, dings, etc. Clean. Hardly any wear. See pics for condition of the wrap around label.

Reference Number:  BS73

Price: $96