W. B. E. Pontiled Squat












Circa 1850-1855 Pontiled Squat - W. B. E., Philadelphia

I've only ever seen a few of these. It's a very tough Philly bottle that came out of the Danny Catherino collection. It has an applied double taper top, and an iron pontil scar in a deep kickup. Very nicely whittled.

Embossed in slug plate:  W. B. E / NTH WATTER St. / PHILAD.A.

Height:  7 3/8" 
teal green

Condition: structurally perfect with no chips, cracks, dings or bruises. The lip has some wavy dibbits from manufacturing, but all natural. The only issue is that this uncleaned bottle has considerable stain and light swirl wear. Never tumble cleaned, natural state.

Reference Number:  3518

Price: $270