R. K. DUFFIELD - Circa 1850 Pontiled Philadelphia Lager Squat

This is a classic lager shaped bottle pared from my collection. Robust sized bottle, almost 3" wide and almost 8" tall. The iron pontil is bold on a kickup base. It has an applied double taper top. Nice whittle character. Uncommon and rarely seen on the market.

Embossed: R. K. DUFFIELD / PHILAD.A. // D

Height: 7 7/8" 
Color: deep emerald green

Condition: a very nice example that only has one issue, being a 1/4" open bubble on the heel from during manufacturing (stable and annealed). Otherwise, it has patchy haze and spotty light wear. Never tumble polished, natural state.

Reference Number:  2381

Price: $270